Big Tobacco & The Pickers

Big Tobacco and the Pickers are a bona fide guitar-pickin’, rhythm makin’, toe-tappin’ honest-to-the-bone working country band. The grittier, the sweatier and down home the venue, the better they like it. There’s no room too big, too small, or too remote that this band won’t play.

Since 2008, this Toronto-based band has been slugging it out, night after night to an ever-growing audience of music fans who admire the band’s authentic adherence to the classic, traditional country music of a beloved bygone era…but with their own distinctive contemporary twist.

The six-piece group of talented instrumentalists, vocalists and songwriters has mined the best of the songs and songwriters from the late 1950s through the 1960s Gold Age of Country to the bad-ass, tell-it-like-it-is Outlaw Country movement of the early 1970s as inspiration for their music, their aesthetic and their attitude.

If they aren’t on the road, find them working overtime most any other weekend, playing at legendary downtown Toronto institutions like The Dakota Tavern, The Cadillac Lounge, and The Cameron House, to rooms packed with adoring country music fans. Look for Big Tobacco & the Pickers on the road this year, supporting their second full length studio album, produced by Toronto’s Moe Berg.

From the rich tones of a pedal steel to the ripping licks of a Fender Telecaster, Big Tobacco & the Pickers deliver a new brand of country music – true to old school tradition.