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Doc Yates was raised on a small farm in the outskirts of Woodstock ON.  Son of a large animal vet and brought up on road where three generations of the Yates family has been born and raised.  Doc came into music late in life but coming from a long line of storytellers writing music came very naturally to him.  Singing was another talent discovered late in life “I used to sing in a small church choir as a kid, but I was the only kid that didn’t get to hold a microphone” says Doc.  Now his rootsy soulful voice is the emphasis for many of the songs.  “when I was a kid the first song that ever made an impression on me was The House Of The Rising Sun.  A few years ago when I was given an old microphone I went out to the shed and tried to sing it and I kept pushing my voice to see what it could do and it surprised me.”

The first album is about to be released with 8 songs which were picked from Doc’s original song library of over 70 songs and counting.  “Song writing is a very important part of my life but it does come to me naturally.  I do a lot of driving and outdoor work and when I am doing that the songs just come to me.  I couldn’t stop this process as it seems to be automatic” explains Yates. “If I am driving 2 hours or more, than I will most likely have a song done by the time I arrive”.
Doc’s music is a reflection of his experiences, his country upbringing and sometimes unique stories that he hears from patients during the day, “if there is something weighing on my mind and I’m driving then that will become my next song”.  Most of his music has a rootsy blues undertone with a country twist, a sound that doc has labelled soul country and to no surprise many of the songs have a feel that make them great driving or working tunes.
The majority of this album was recorded in the same shed that he used to practice his singing and mixed in studio.  “It’s taken much longer than I anticipated to bring this album to life bat at the same time it’s been a very busy past year” says Doc.  This is undoubtedly true, since when Doc started this album 15 months ago he has also opened 2 additional clinics, renovated two buildings, started a four piece band, produced, filmed and edited four music videos and raised 2 kids, 3 pigs and 35 chickens. 
All of this work ties into the name of Doc’s album debut “Sweat It Out”.  Each song will catch your attention, draw you in and have you humming it for hours after the album has finished playing. 


Catch Doc Yates and his band in the Muskoka Beer Tent Wed. Aug. 15th at 10:00 PM