Photograph by: Anita James Bell 


Since the early days of country music, its relationship with the fans has been built through the art of believable storytelling. You can relate to the story being told; more often than not, it’s about something you’ve experienced. It brings back memories, both good and bad, ultimately allowing you to relive a magical moment in your life. A moment in your life that is perfectly captured by the singer-songwriters’ ability to tap into personal experience and recreate that magic. That ability, that magic, is what Jordy Jackson has spent his life striving towards.

Jordy was born and raised in Jones Falls, a small rural area in Ontario. He grew up with nothing more to occupy his time than his guitar and a passion for playing music. Throughout the years, Jordy has played countless shows as a solo artist and with his band Little California, a band that, being comprised of his family, allows him to keep his roots close to his heart.

Jordy’s ability to tell a story with his music makes it easy for the listener to relate. In doing this, he has followed in the footsteps of country music’s finest singer-songwriters. His aptitude for putting pen to paper and retelling a story, his powerful, soulful voice, and his high energy presence both on and off stage, have given him the ability to relate to his fans and entertain them in a ground-breaking manner. If that is the essence of country music, then Jordy is its embodiment. Country music is who he is. It’s what drives him. It’s what ensures there will never be any question of his work ethic. Combine this with an immense level of talent, it’s only a matter of time before you see his name in bright lights. His passion for music will continue to grow, so regardless of whether you see him playing to three fans or three thousand fans, his stories will entertain you and bring you to that magical place that only country music can get you to.