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Cottage-country, country boys Brian Vain and Matt Davey have been honing their outdoorsy, southern rock sound in Ontario, Canada, which has some of the best lakes and star-filled skies around. They have been playing and writing music for more than 15 years, together and apart, Matt more in rock bands and Brian in country, but came together four years ago to form Kansas Stone.

“Kansas Stone”, which Brian came up with years before there even was a band, simply epitomizes a warm summer good feeling.

While the track-listing for the debut album is still to be determined, the band doesn’t always write about booze and summer time. “Up” is about depression, while “Take Back” reflects on a past “bad” relationship, realizing you came out stronger, and “Cashing Out” is about taking a break from modern radio and checking out the old records that influenced the new sounds, like Mr. Johnny Cash.