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Kansas Stone

The word KANSAS is a native word meaning “People of the south wind” and the word STONE a solid and hard substance, matter of which rock is made.. A solid group of hard working people that love the summer and the warm southern wind…The idea and name KANSAS STONE was in front man Brian Vain’s head for many years. It wasn’t until Brian brought a list of songs to one of his best friends Matt Davey that the idea really formed into this music train named KANSAS STONE.

Kansas Stone is a high energy Country band that fuels off of many different styles. Hailing from Ontario, Canada they deliver a sound that ranges from old & new country, blues, rock, and more… Kansas Stone has become notorious for their catchy Melodies and well crafted original songs. Alongside they’re many influences they continue to forge their own path with the music they Love. Some of Kansas Stones influences include: Waylon Jennings, Zac Brown Band, Garth Brooks, Alabama, Jason Aldean, Bob Seger…and many more.

Though Kansas began as a fun project for Brian and Matt it quickly escalated. Having said this, the two quickly set out to form a band of like minded musicians who want to try something different. With most of KS’s members coming from different backgrounds in music it quickly became clear our distinction would come from the mix of elements each member would bring forth.

Kansas Stone has been very fortunate this past while. Getting the chance to share the stage with great artists such as: DALLAS SMITH, BRET KISSEL, AARON PRITCHETT, BEVERLY MAHOOD, TEBEY just to name a few. They continue to draw attention to themselves with raving show reviews and endearing fans that follow.

Kansas Stone has a very busy year ahead, and even bigger aspirations for greatness. Everybody needs some fun and excitement in their life and Kansas Stone does not disappoint.