Dreams Never Die…..
And Ed & Paula, along with a lot of help from their friends/staff, bring to you another gift from their nostalgic hearts… on July 8 & 9th of 2016 – we are proud to announce the FIRSTHaveROCK REVIVAL – A live 2 day Classic Rock Festival on the grounds of the Jamboree in Havelock, Ontario.


We invite all of you, our loyal and dedicated Jamboree fans whom without you, none of this would be happening now….so we extend this gift to you…to please join us for the First HaveROCK REVIVAL

Book “your” Jamboree site for the HaveROCK festival! But call today – tickets ONLY $225 until Feb. 28/16 ONLY- Get your Site Fast as they Will sell out.

Come and camp and leave your cares behind….gather round with all your friends….from the Havelock Country Jamboree ANOTHER GREAT CAMPING FESTIVAL  this SUMMER! – another Annual Tradition about to be launched!  Don’t miss the inaugural WORLD CLASS HAVEROCK REVIVAL with the GREATEST ROCK N ROLLERS OF ALL TIME!!