Dear Jamboree Fans

We know that you are waiting for news about the Jamboree and Refunds for the “missed” show and moving forward, the future of the Jamboree. 

We are so happy that we have been able to provide you with 30 years of entertainment and fun, meeting new friends and reminiscing with old ones. We have watched 4 generations of families attend the Jamboree – it truly has become a Tradition in our lifetime….. and we are a “family”. 

This makes it even harder.

We regret to tell you that the Havelock Country Jamboree (as you know it – with Ed & Paula at the helm) will be closing the gates and the stages, permanently.

COVID hit us hard. Relationships broke down; and ‘ age’ is appearing to have taken its toll. We have reached the end of our “working” years.  We are sorry. We did struggle trying to remain open when we could; work from home when we were ordered to; but for all of our efforts – it came to naught. The struggle was just too great at this age and stage of our lives.

We have been ordered by the court to sell all the properties. Lawyers counselled us to remain silent about the closing and that is the reason we were not able to tell you sooner. But as time marched on – we knew it was time to list the properties.

We really can’t say any more, at this point, but know how anxious ticket holders are. Please be advised that it is our intention to issue refunds for tickets held, but as the sale works its way through the real estate process, at this time our hands are tied. But as soon as we are able – first monies go back to you, our loyal and dedicated fans.  We have always intended to refund you as I believe most people know. 

30 years. It is a very long time to host a venue and we have enjoyed every minute with you. Whether you were with us for 30 years or 1 year, we thank you for supporting the Havelock Country Jamboree. 

It is a sad day for the Jamboree…. but a good day for all TicketHolders….. Refunds will be issued as the lands begin to sell….  GoodBye, dear friends and family.  We hope you all remember us fondly.  We miss you so much!  Take care of yourselves and your families…. New Adventures for everyone!


Havelock Country Jamboree Management

The Website : is our “Official Website” and any other site is NOT “the Jamboree.” 

Welcome to the Havelock Country Jamboree! Thank you to all of those that joined us for our 30th Anniversary Show in 2019. 

Check back in the Fall for news on 2023.

Our show Features over 25 entertainers performing on twin stages over a 4 day period. Come and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

The Havelock Country Jamboree is a camping country music festival. Set up to create a festive, friendly, community atmosphere where music fans can enjoy their favourite performers. While strolling the park-like grounds, check out the wares of the vendors and visit the booths of the numerous local service clubs and charities. 

The Havelock Country Jamboree features a mix of veteran and young up-and-coming artists from both Canada and the United States. Many of the musicians have appeared in Havelock at past Jamborees. Others, however, are making their first appearance at the now venerable music festival.

Our twin stages have held over 4200 musicians over the past 30 years, we are proud to have had the opportunity to host them here in Havelock.